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Top 5 Wine-Drinking Trends to Watch in 2023

New categories, novel experiences, the rosé boom and more – we take a closer look at what 2023 holds when it comes to the latest wine-drinking trends.

A woman savouring an Alvi's Drift wine-drinking experience

With a new year comes fresh trends, even in the tradition-rich world of wine. But some are far likelier to stand the test of time. Today, we explore what developments 2023 holds for the wine-drinking public.

After more than two years of COVID-19 restrictions, life seems to be returning to some semblance of normal, the global wine industry being no exception. Post pandemic, many wine producers are pulling out all the stops to bring forth interesting, unusual and innovative wines.

As times change, so does consumer behaviour. Yet, once established, certain habits remain. For instance, the post-pandemic preference for buying wine online.

For wine producers, adapting to trends in order to remain relevant and satisfy consumer demand continues to be vital. What do our top five wine-drinking trends to watch in 2023 have in common? They all have the relevance to benefit both wine producers and wine enthusiasts.

Let’s take a look at what 2023 has in store when it comes to the latest trends in the world of wine.

White wine being poured into a wine glass
Post pandemic, more and more unusual and innovative wines are entering the marketplace.

1. Established Boundaries Begin to Blur

Some may argue that categories exist to keep everything in well-organised boxes. The latest generation of winemakers begs to differ, now producing wines that challenge long-held winemaking norms. This includes categorising wines based on colour. These days, innovative winemakers are creating wines boasting novel shades, including wines that range from dark rosé to pale red.

This shift towards producing wines with unusual hues complements another emerging winemaking trend: lighter, more brilliant red wines served slightly chilled. Examples include brighter Cabernet Francs, Gamay Noirs, Dolcettos and Pinot Noirs.

Despite being such an age-old tradition, winemaking continues to evolve. Where once wines had to strictly adhere to the categories of red, white and rosé, they are now classified along broader lines.

Alvi’s Drift is home to an array of unique wines. Curious? Read our Exploring Wine Blends blog to learn more.

2. A Growing Concern for the Environment

A concern for environmental impact has become a major priority. In fact, many consumers now reject non-eco-friendly products. This phenomenon extends to wine-drinking trends, as producers face an ever-increasing demand for sustainably sourced organic and vegan wines.

Fact: wine producers who clearly communicate their green status tend to attract more environmentally conscious buyers than those who don’t. For this reason, branding and marketing efforts reflecting the latest consumer trends are crucial. Wineries that lack an eco-conscious approach can still embrace this trend through sustainability efforts in other areas of their business. For instance, they can use wine bottles made from recycled glass and make an effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

At Alvi’s Drift, we’re dedicated to environmental conservation and follow various sustainable farming practices. Read more about our wine farm to unearth the details.

Close-up view of Alvi's Drift Sparkling Brut Rosé
Rosé wines have seen a surge in popularity in recent years.

3. A Renewed Appreciation for Rosé

After being dismissed as a so-called ‘lesser wine’ for a long time, rosé is finally having its moment. No longer considered an exclusively summertime wine, it’s seen a noticeable increase in popularity over the past years. Rosé enthusiasts are now enjoying their preferred tipple year-round, paired with a vast range of dishes.

Sparkling rosé in particular has experienced a surge in demand, with consumers happy to accept a marked price-hike per bottle.

We offer not only fine red and white wines, but rosés as well. The Alvi’s Drift rosé collection boasts a sparkling and non-sparkling option.

4. Bubbly Becomes an Everyday Staple

Attitudes about how and when sparkling wines should be enjoyed are changing. Saving an excellent bottle of bubbly for a special occasion is no longer the norm. Both Traditional Method and carbonated sparkling wines are increasingly being enjoyed on the regular, regardless of the occasion.

An increase in great-value sparkling and Traditional Method (in South Africa, Cap Classique) wines has contributed to the emergence of this wine-drinking trend. As consumers enjoy more sparkling wine, they are becoming familiar with the variety of styles on offer. Our prevalent foodie culture has also seen consumers experimenting with sparkling wine and food pairings, boosting consumption rates even further.

Alvi’s Drift’s sparkling range contains Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, which are hand-harvested early during the season throughout the crisp morning hours. This results in deliciously refreshing sparkling wines.

5. Novel Wine-Drinking Programmes Boost Innovation

Fine dining and a superb bottle of wine go hand-in-hand... or do they? For many wine lovers, the days of ordering an entire bottle to enjoy with a meal are over. Adventurous wine enthusiasts are now opting to expand their dining experience by sampling several wines in one sitting – but without breaking the bank.

Ever heard of a wine flight? Forward-thinking restaurants are now offering patrons experiences that include sampling a selection of innovative wines served at set times. Wine flights also boost sales, as patrons enjoy the novelty while being attracted to the experiential aspect of wine discovery.

Experimental wine programmes in bars and restaurants have proven to be a hit, showing no sign of dwindling in popularity anytime soon.

Show off your great (and varied) taste by throwing a wine social. Not sure how? Discover the tricks to a delightful get-together in How to Host Your Own Casual Wine Tasting at Home.

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